Annual events

Cross country ski competition, 60 km (37 miles) from Lake Mývatn area to Húsavík is an annual event that takes place in March or April.  This competition is a part of a series of competition of the Icelandic Ski Federation.  Here is a peek view!

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John's week, is a week long art residency and festival in Kaldbak, Húsavík  for young emerging visual artists, in the North of Iceland during the summer solstice in Iceland, where the sun never sets, over a week in mid June.  The residency results in an art festival taking place on the last day, with an exhibition during the day and a music performance during the evening.

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Húsavík's annual festival is called Mærudagar, which means Candy Days, and it is held the last weekend in July as a time for everyone to come together and enjoy Húsavík.

During Mærudagar, there is something for everyone: art exhibitions, open-air theatre performances for kids of all ages, a parade, a golf tournament, a market and a small carnival at the harbor, the shops & restaurants are open longer, and there is live music all over town.

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Dettifoss Trail Run is held in the beginning of August each year. It is held in the Jokulsargljufur in Vatnajokull National Park, northeast of Iceland, in the area of the magnificent glacier river Jökulsá á Fjöllum with its enormous canyon, waterfalls and contrasts.  You can choose from three distances : 32,7 km, 21,2 km og 13 km. Longest race starts from Dettifoss. 21.2km starts from Holmatungum and the shortest race starts from Hljodaklettum, they all end in Asbyrgi.

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Sléttugangan, guided hiking along Melrakkaslétta plain is an annual hiking event that takes place the 2nd weekend in August. 

The hiking starts at Raufarhöfn and from there along the magic Melrakkaslétta plain with all its lakes, along the valley Blikalónsdalur, where they say there is an underground river, and look for the cliffs where the hidden people live. Most of the route is flat, a pretty walk on old trails.  Hikers are picked up at Blikalón and brought back to Raufarhöfn. We visit the swimming pool and sauna, and finally enjoy a dinner at Hotel Norðurljós. After dinner there is a dance for those up to it!

A 27 km guieded hike through a diverse and mysterious area with unspoild nature and history.

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In Kópasker there is an annual Mid Summer festival around the 21st of June, where locals and their neighbors welcome guests to visit their town and entertain them with various cultural events, shows, local food etc. 

Cultural week is held every fall in Raufarhöfn.  The agenda usually has various events e.g. concerts, movies and other cultural events.

The Raufarhöfn Ram Day (Hrútadagar á Raufarhöfn) is in beginning of oktober every year. On this "country fair" you can buy Icelandic Rams at a auction. At the event there is also a national competition in making the traditional Icelandic meat soup. There is also a market with icelandic handicraft, mostly items made from whool. A really fun event to attend to get a glimpse of the Icelandic farmer's traditions.