Candy Days in Húsavík

Sweet Days in Húsavík

Almost every town in Iceland has a special day or weekend, and Húsavík is no exception.  The town’s festival is called Mærudagar, which means Candy Days, and it is held the last weekend in July as a time for everyone to come together and enjoy Húsavík.

The town is divided into 3 districts: Pink, Orange, and Green, and people decorates houses, businesses, light posts and themselves in their colors. The population more than doubles during the festival, as many people who have moved away pick this weekend to come back for a visit, and the whole town is buzzing with life.   

During Mærudagar, there is something for everyone: art exhibitions, open-air theatre performances for kids of all ages, a parade, a golf tournament, a market and a small carnival at the harbor, the shops & restaurants are open longer, and there is live music all over town.

In the evening, the harbor fills with people enjoying the music and meeting old and new friends. 

Official facebook page of Mærudagar