Norðurþing Kindergartens / Preschools

Húsavík - Grænuvellir Kindergarten/Preschool

The Kindergarten Grænuvellir offers service for children from 1 – 5/6 years of age. The kindergarten has seen a growing number of students in the recent years, now offering place to 128 students, ages one to five and 43 staffmembers. Grænuvellir Kindergarten has successfully implemented a program called Positive Discipline into all aspects of teachings and communications. Positive Discipline is designed to teach young people to become responsible, respectful and resourceful members of their communities.



Kópasker and Lundur - Preschool Departments of Öxarfjörður School

Öxarfjörður School operates two preschool departments along with elementary department for the community from Kelduhverfi to Melrakkaslétta in the east. Two preschool departments operate in Öxarfjörður School, one located in Kópasker and the other one in Lundur along with the elementary school department. The Kópasker department is open as long as four or more children are signed up on May 1st each year. During the summer months, only one department is operated, location depends on where more children are signed up. Öxarfjörður Preschool Departments build partly on John Dewey's ideology and Lev Vygotsky´s theories.